How family mediation in Saskatoon can help you

Family Mediation is a non-adversarial, cooperative decision-making process in which a qualified and impartial third party, the mediator, assists participants to resolve and settle privately and by agreement the issues arising from their separation or marital breakdown.  It is a mutual process which can only take place when both parties are willing to engage in the process.

Mediation is generally a quicker and less expensive process then engaging in litigation.  It allows the parties to deal with both legal and non-legal issues in a more holistic manner than the adversarial system.  The parties control the outcome rather than having a judge impose arbitrary measures upon them, and more creative solutions can thus be achieved.

The mediator creates a safe environment for settlement discussions, assisting the parties with identifying the issues and potential resolutions, and keeping discussions focussed on the agreed upon issues.  Having an experienced family lawyer as your mediator is invaluable; although we cannot give legal advice to the parties, years of experience in family law assists in directing the mediation and ensuring the parties are focussed on the issues and working towards viable resolutions. Where necessary, an experienced family lawyer as mediator can easily identify issues that the parties may want to get independent legal advice on.

In order to remain impartial, at Mokuruk & Woods we do not meet with mediation clients on an individual basis.  Clients seeking mediation book an appointment to attend together to meet with the mediator.  At the initial appointment, the mediator will explain the mediation process, discuss their role in the process and address the issue of fees.

If both parties have agreed to proceed with mediation, and you would like to book an appointment with a mediator, please contact Karina Jackson’s assistant, Amy, at (306) 955-9610 or