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Criminal Defence

The implications of a criminal charge or conviction can include travel restrictions, loss of employment, a criminal record, no-contact orders with friends or family members, loss of a driver’s license, and of course the risk of incarceration or restrictive probation conditions. The severity of the repercussions necessitates retaining skilled and experienced legal counsel to assist in your defence.

Criminal defence lawyers can assist with anything from traffic safety violations to the most serious of criminal offences. Some matters are cleared up quickly and others need to proceed through to a trial in either Provincial Court or the Court of Queen’s Bench. Some of the many charges that our office has experience handling include:

  • Driving offences (ie: .08 / impaired driving / dangerous driving)
  • Controlled Drug and Substances (ie: possession / trafficking)
  • Personal injury offences (ie: assault / domestic violence / sexual assault)
  • Theft / break and enter
  • Weapons related charges
  • Manslaughter / murder
  • Criminal negligence
  • Outstanding warrants / breaches / failures to appear
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act offences (young offenders)
  • Dangerous Offender Hearings

Lawyers with expertise in Criminal Defence