Welcome to Woods Law Office

About Our Firm

Woods Law Office is a boutique law firm located in the historic Avenue Building in downtown Saskatoon. We specialize in all aspects of family law and criminal defence litigation and pride ourselves on our client service.

Our clients are often facing highly emotional issues under a degree of uncertainty and financial stress. Clients need highly skilled and effective counsel to assist them through their legal issues, but they also need a lawyer they can communicate with and trust, and that will move their matter along in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Though most of our firm’s clientele are adults dealing with separation, divorce or criminal charges, we also have unique expertise in representing children and youth. We provide independent legal representation in certain situations for children and youth in child protection proceedings, youth criminal court, and in exceptional cases at family court. Because we work regularly with children, youth and families in high conflict situations our approach to family law carries with it a strong knowledge and passion for how separation, divorce, and interactions with social services or the criminal justice system affects families and their children.

Our criminal defence work has us appearing regularly in court points across the province including Saskatchewan’s northern fly-in court points while our child protection expertise takes us province wide. All of the lawyers in our office enjoy taking on unique and challenging files and believe in advocating for resolutions outside of the court process whenever possible or appropriate.