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Family Mediation

Issues of separation, divorce, or marital breakdown can be addressed with the help of an impartial third-party mediator instead of dealing with litigation in court.

Our mediation lawyers in Saskatoon provide a means of dealing with legal, non-legal and other family-related issues that may arise during a separation. With a lawyer’s help, it is left up to the parties involved to determine what their goals and priorities are for the separation, allowing for more customized and comprehensive outcomes, and avoiding potentially arbitrary measures imposed by a judge.

Mediation is a mutual process and requires both parties to be willing to sit down and engage with each other. This can often result in a quicker, more cost effective, and less acrimonious process in comparison to engaging in a legal battle before the courts.

Working with a mediator provides clients with a safe, neutral environment to discuss solutions that best suit individuals and their families — and can allow for more breathing room when determining how to reach an agreement. A trained mediation lawyer will lean on years of family law experience to help structure the conversation, identify potential issues, and formulate a mutually agreeable final outcome.

In order to remain impartial, at Mokuruk & Woods we do not meet with mediation clients on an individual basis. Clients seeking mediation book an appointment to attend together to meet with the mediator. At the initial appointment, the mediator will explain the mediation process, discuss their role in the process and address the issue of fees.

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